Corel Ventura

Corel VENTURA® satisfies your publishing needs, whether you publish on paper, to the Internet or as a portable electronic file. If you need powerful publishing tools and demand professional results, this comprehensive suite delivers. With high performance and ease of use, Corel VENTURA 8 has exceptional Internet integration and enhanced features that save you time and money—it is ideal for the professional.

The original version was known as Ventura Publisher and was first available in 1986. Xerox was the exclusive distributor of the program until 1990, when it bought the source code from Ventura Software. Out of this came a new Ventura Software, an affiliate of Xeros, with the original developers moving to the new company.

In late 1990, it released Version 3.0 Gold. and was available for DOS, Windows 16, Mac and OS/2 but the three original developers left the project after this. Version 4.0 came out in 1991 and Version 4.1.1 came out in 1993, the last release from Ventura Software.

Corel acquired the program in 1993 and released it as Corel Ventura 4.2. This version ceased support for all platforms except Windows.

Version 5.0 was released in 1994 with major upgrades to the user interface and the document structure. This caused a backlash from the supporters of the original DOS edition and they have refused to upgrade since then.

In 1996, a rewritten version for Windows 32 came out under the Corel Ventura 7 label with no version 6 whatsoever. This was done to catch up to CorelDRAW’s version number, which was 7.

In 1998, Corel released Ventura 8.

The last version, Corel Ventura 10, came out in 2002 and runs on Windows 8 and Linux. Who knows? Perhaps the document you hold in your hand comes from a 2002 vintage software?

The next version, if there is one, should incorporate tight integration with online backup so that incremental changes are saved and the document can be restored to previous versions if necessary. This is where the state of the art is.

Perhaps it can be bundled with Carbonite, a leader in cloud backups for businesses. By using a Carbonite offer code, businesses can get the best of both worlds – Corel Ventura document publishing and peace of mind online backups.

The DOS version of the program gained a loyal following due to:

  • It ran on IBM PC computers
  • Documents are created with a high degree of internal consistency by default
  • Text is automatically exported to word processor-native formats
  • Ability to print to many different formats, including PCL, PostScript, some popular dot-matrix printers and InterPress LASER printers and imagesetters

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