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Protect your small/medium business for only $269.99 per year!
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Health insurance, car insurance, home insurance – we protect ourselves by making sure that we are covered in case of a disaster. But what about the contents of your computer? If your computer were destroyed, what kind of backup do you have? While health, car and home insurance policies have scarcely improved, online backups have. There is no reason for you not to have an off-site backup of your pictures, documents and other irreplaceable files.

Carbonite provides personal and business solutions that give you peace of mind at a very affordable price. The software backs up quietly in the background without interrupting your work. With internet speeds increasing while costs decrease, Carbonite makes it easy to duplicate all of your valuable data to a secure location far away from your home or business. A memory stick is a good start but it is as safe as you keep it. Water, fire, sticky-fingered employees, pets and children can all endanger that small piece of electronics. A Carbonite backup keeps your data very secure and untouchable.

Carbonite makes business sense because your company needs immediate reliable access to the information. An outage of several hours or days can cripple your workplace, resulting in lost revenue. Carbonite for the home preserves your valuables, such as pictures and scanned documents, with no space limitations. Backup as much as you want. The backup program is easy to set up. A small quickly-installed program that is easily configured. It is a one and done. The program keeps track of new files that need to be backed up and does it as soon as possible. You do not have to worry about which files were and were not backed up.

When the inevitable happens, the recovery process is simple, quick and painless. You can move your files to a new device or share it with your mobile devices. Gone are the days of limited access. Carbonite minimizes your down time, whether it be at work or at home. Do you have sensitive private information? Carbonite encrypts the files on your computer so that nobody can get at them at all.

Not using Carbonite is like storing cash under your mattress.


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